A / V

We tell innovative stories for innovative brands.

‘Salon Salloon’ written and performed by Chilly Gonzales © 2010

We bring digital experiences to life.

Instrument started making things for the internet a long time ago. We started small—collaborating with other agencies and bringing their ideas and content to life. We got really good at executing high-quality digital products, experiences and campaigns.


But a hunger grew for creating more meaningful, connected, digital experiences. It became clear that we needed to make our own content if we were to fully integrate the spirit of our work and culture. We began by creating a series of short films and experiments that evolved to become successes for our clients.


Fast forward to today. Our A / V team is at the heart of every experience we create for our clients. A dedicated, experienced crew of writers, directors, editors, animators and producers creating content in our studio and on location all over the world.