Parental Policy


Instrument Parental Leave Policy

Instrument voluntarily participates in the Pledge Parental Leave program. Pledge Parental Leave [PPL] exists to encourage companies in the creative industries in the United States to guarantee their employees a meaningful minimum standard of parental leave benefits. For more information visit:

Eligible employees are entitled to paid parental leave following the birth, adoption or foster care placement of a child. The amount of paid parental leave available for eligible employees will be determined as follows:

Primary caregiver: If you are the full-time primary care parent during the period of the leave, you will be eligible for up to 12 weeks of leave at base pay;

Secondary caregiver: If you are the non-primary care parent, you will be eligible for up to 4 weeks of leave at base pay.

Parental leave must be taken within the first 12 weeks after the birth or adoption of a child. Eligible employees must apply for short-term disability benefits as a condition of receiving the salary continuation provided under this policy.  Short-term disability benefits will offset, and are not in addition to, the salary continuation provided under this policy.  [If eligible for parental leave, you must apply all accrued, unused sick days and vacation time to the balance of the parental leave period.]

In addition to the period of paid parental leave, the primary caregiver may request up to an additional 3 months of additional parental leave without pay, subject to the approval of your supervisor/manager. The non-primary caregiver may extend parental leave beyond the paid leave period with accrued paid time off.  Part-time employees are not eligible for paid parental leave.

While on paid parental leave you will continue to receive all employee benefits previously provided on the same terms as an active employee and will remain eligible for salary increases and bonuses.  If you remain on approved leave beyond the paid parental leave period, your eligibility for benefits during your unpaid leave will be determined in accordance with the company’s policy for other types of unpaid leave, except that you will remain eligible to participate in the company’s health plans, subject to your timely election of COBRA continuation coverage and your payment of 100% cost of such coverage for the duration of your leave. 

In general, the period of paid and unpaid parental leave should not extend beyond six (6) months for the primary caregiver.  When you are ready to return from parental leave, the Company will attempt to reinstate you to your former position or one with equivalent pay, benefits, and other employment terms.  You are entitled to reinstatement, however, only if you would have continued to be employed had parental leave not been taken.  For example, you are not entitled to reinstatement if, because of a layoff, reduction in force or other reason, you would not be employed at the time you seek to return to work.  Further, if you fail to return to work at the end of the approved leave period, you will be considered to have voluntarily resigned, effective as of the day following the last day of the authorized leave period.

Parental Leave runs concurrently with, and will be applied to, any qualifying Family and Medical Leave to the extent consistent with applicable law.