Dwell is the premier publication for modern architecture and design. We partnered with them to create a new digital platform to help readers gather inspiration, share stories and find products for the spaces they call home.

From inspiration to information

Dwell’s audience ranges from casual pinboarders to modern design experts. We set out to create a digital product that would help them both—by combining the content they love from Dwell with a rich interactive layer.

Collaborating with the Dwell team, we helped to define the product strategy, user experience and visual design for the responsive web platform and mobile app ecosystem.

"A one-stop discovery and collaboration platform for modern design fiends and professionals. Think of it as the lovechild of Pinterest, Medium, and Quora—but for serious design snobs."
Diana Budds, FastCo Design
An iterative process

We began by building a series of prototypes with a responsive, modular grid to fit a variety of content like stories, slideshows and product recommendations. By designing within this framework, we were able to iterate and improve quickly, testing the look and feel on the fly with sophisticated CSS and Javascript animations.

A socially-driven platform

We put people at the center of the experience. By introducing simple interactions like favoriting, sharing and collecting, we give them the ability to use Dwell the way they want. With the annotations feature, they can even ask questions to experts and the community, to get the story behind the image.

"We really want to provide a more focused community based on modern design and living and getting that connection between designers and architects."
Bobby Gaza. CTO, Dwell
The visual language

As we grew the experience, we made sure to maintain Dwell’s core brand attributes, borrowing the modern aesthetic but pushing the minimalism even further. In the layout, we embraced simplicity through constraints, helping users focus with a generous use of negative space and refined application of typography and color.

Commenting inside images and stories gives users a chance to ask specific questions about products and materials.

A beautiful utility

The result is something equal parts beautiful and utilitarian. A site that lives up to the Dwell name and takes it beyond the page—creating an active ecosystem where architects, armchair designers and brands can all collaborate together.

Search acts as the site's nav and a side drawer shows notifications.



Technical Strategy
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UX / UI Design
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