We partnered with Google to create a series of installations showcasing the power of Google Cloud in unexpected ways. They debuted at Horizon, an event for Fortune 100 executives at the Old Mint in San Francisco.

Data in motion

The unexpected creativity hidden within Google Sheets emerged through a one-of-a-kind animated data visualization within a Sheet, updating in real time. We created a framework to animate business trends utilizing the tools available within sheets, and displayed it on a 20-foot-wide LED wall in the entry hallway.

ASCII Mirrors

We invited visitors to literally see themselves with Google, in mirrors built with Google Docs. Each mirror captured an image from a webcam, converted the image into ASCII text, and pasted the text into a live Google Doc in real time. We designed and programmed an ambient state for each mirror, featuring famous inventors, technologists, and artists.

“Instrument has a special way of making complex technology feel impossibly simple. Their combination of wild creativity and technical expertise is one of our favorite secret weapons.”
Matt Kipper, Creative Lead, Google Cloud
Query It!

The Old Mint’s basement vaults offered a perfect location for Query It!, our popular trivia game powered by BigQuery, Google’s Big Data analytics platform. Specifically for the Horizon event, we integrated a room-scale LED light show and special business-focused databases.


We showcased Google’s powerful image recognition technology with Emotobooth, a photo booth that uses Cloud Vision API to detect the emotions of guests via their facial expressions. 

Our Horizon installations are slated to appear at other Google events around the world throughout 2017 and beyond.


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