Google I/O is a two-day celebration of all things Google—from their latest devices and technical innovations to new platform upgrades and app updates. For 2015, we created a timely and tactile conference website as well as a playful browser experiment powered by sound.

We took the material design guidelines Google announced the previous year and used them to create a beautiful, interactive experience with a tactile-inspired interface.

“Every year we want to outdo ourselves. This year, we took the color, interactions and motion of Google's material design and envisioned how they would sound.”
— Thomas Reynolds, Technical Director

We built a WebGL and Web Audio experiment that overlays the conference website, converting all the normal page elements into musical instruments and visualizers. 

The digital destination for I/O has been an integral part of the event, helping attendees create a customized schedule with notifications or offsite viewers watch live talks from the keynote to breakout sessions. 

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