We joined forces with Nike’s Global Digital Design team to build a more human, connected run with Nike Audio Guided Runs — a digital coach designed to help athletes of any experience level overcome their inhibitions and fall more in love with the run.

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In the pocket

Technology should heighten the running experience, not distract from it. We created smart, context-aware audio and haptic feedback to provide runners with the guidance they need at the exact moment they need it, without having to look at their smartwatch or phone screens. 

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One step at a time

Early on in the process, we partnered with Nike Global Head Coach Chris Bennett to create a strategy around what guidance runners would need, and at what points during the run they would need it. Then, using that strategy, we wrote and recorded audio tracks with a variety of personalities to offer runners a wide range of guidance and motivation. 

"The goal of the first run is to have a great run, so you have a second run. The goal of the second run is to have as great a run as you can to have a third run. It’s all about accumulation."
Coach Chris Bennett, Nike Global Head Coach

Finishing strong

Coach Bennett frequently works with runners of all skill levels, helping them push through barriers by keeping them focused on immediate next steps. We built Nike Audio Guided Runs to offer that coaching ethic to anyone, anytime. The result is a run for every mood, personality and skill level.

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