NikeWomen launched the #BetterForIt campaign to celebrate the modern girl of fitness as she pushes outside her comfort zone to become her best possible self. We created a destination for this campaign on that serves to educate and empower her as she embarks on this journey.

Frequent updates and a discoverable blog-inspired layout keep her coming back to hang out, explore and get moving. Though it highlights a different, more lighthearted side of the brand, this experience is right at home on

Playful and irreverent, custom illustrations bring the #BetterForIt tone to life throughout the experience. Each of these drawings is part of the larger library we created to allow every update to feel fresh.

Thanks to our collaborative relationship with NikeWomen, we were able to evolve the look and feel of the brand and help them further connect with everyday athletes. We created a space that’s welcoming, inspiring and relatable—even if you’ve never run a mile in your life.


UX Strategy
Communications Strategy




Art Direction
Visual Design