The NikeWomen digital style guide was created to connect women to the right gear, notify them about events and services, and present a unique point of view on style. Our mission was to develop an editorial voice and curate imagery to elevate each story. 

The digital style guide challenged us to seamlessly weave complex product innovations into a fun, relatable storyline.

Accomplishing this in an authentic way required extensive research on both the design and materials for each product and activity. Communicating this information in a clear and confident tone allowed us to bring even the most technical details to life.

A natural visual rhythm emerged by aligning the storyline with product innovation, service opportunities, and incredible moments in sport. By finding this balance, we were able to visually communicate—even if the consumer didn’t read a word.

Our collaboration with NikeWomen helped change the way the brand tells narrative stories on We helped them make this experience beautiful, informative and easy to navigate.


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