Sonos’ groundbreaking home sound system brings high fidelity music to every corner of your home. We partnered with their design team to reimagine the core of the Sonos user experience.

"Our goal was to create a design system that harmonizes the app with the hardware and brand. We took visual cues from their industrial design, and reduced elements to their purest form, letting users discover and listen to new music with exquisite simplicity."
Jordan Sowers, Associate Creative Director at Instrument
Tuning In

Sonos pioneered the concept of sending music to any room in your home. To tackle the unique usability challenges this presented, we embarked on a series of UX strategy and prototyping sprints. Together, we created a user flow that improves multi-room usability and custom speaker configuration.

"Like our app and the buttons on our speakers, voice control is an interface designed to allow listeners to play without interrupting the flow of home life."
Dayn Wilberding, Creative Director at Sonos
Lead vocals

When Sonos began testing voice-enabled speakers, we worked closely with internal design teams to envision how voice control could integrate seamlessly into the broader ecosystem. Through research and user journey mapping, we identified optimal voice interaction points and how they would work alongside digital and physical controls. 

"Our speakers are designed to blend thoughtfully with the interior of your home. Similarly, it's important that our app interface be elegant without overpowering the music content it displays."
Rob Lambourne, UX Director at Sonos
Main act

Our focus on sharp design thinking and UX strategy set Sonos up for the long haul, resulting in a complete design system, internal workflow optimization, and a digital marketing platform that will collectively help keep the Sonos app fresh years down the road. 


Since 2002, Sonos has been making it easy for everybody to listen to the music they love in every room of their home. Our joint efforts continued that tradition, bringing cohesion and clarity to the brand at every touchpoint, from the app to the speakers — so users can sit back and enjoy the music. 

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