The care Stumptown Coffee Roasters puts into preparing and serving a good coffee bean is immense, and their website should be no different. They came to us to relaunch their site, captivate their audience and keep them close to the cup.

Stumptown needed a way to convey their creativity and passion for coffee while giving their drinkers the most robust e-commerce experience possible.

It takes passion to care about all the different ways to brew a bean. In each one of the brew guide films we created, we sought to capture that passion and educate users about Stumptown methodology.

Fresh photography, nine filmed brew guides, and a custom back end that allows for easy content management and seamless integration with the client’s enterprise management software made one of our most comprehensive projects.

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Content Management
Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Platform Migration
ERP Integration


Content Strategy
Brand Strategy
Communications Strategy


Photography Direction
Photography Production
Live Action Direction
Live Action Production
Post Production


UI/UX Design
Creative Direction
Art Direction