We all live busy lives, often with more on our to-do lists than we have time for. Thumbtack is a marketplace that connects people with local professionals to do pretty much anything — from roofers to piano teachers and everything in between. We embarked on a comprehensive brand and product overhaul to make it easier for users to get things done.

Defining the brand

Our collaboration centered around a simple mantra: Life is a project. From this core truth, we helped define the brand and craft a vision that would enable it to grow — while staying true to its central purpose of helping busy people get more done.

Building the system

We worked on the brand identity system and the product simultaneously, to keep the two tightly integrated and ensure the brand promise translated all the way through the user experience.

We reimagined Thumbtack’s logo, combining the literal tack of the previous lockup with the first initial of the name to achieve a subtle, confident identity that works efficiently as part of the primary identity and as a standalone element in limited applications like the app badge.

Users turn to Thumbtack when they’re feeling overwhelmed and need help quelling chaos. So we reconsidered their color language, making a transition from action-oriented orange to a calming, trustworthy blue. Similarly, we chose FF Mark as the primary typeface, based on Its functional, straightforward nature and friendly-yet-professional aesthetic.

“Our new brand marks a new chapter in Thumbtack’s history. And it’ll help carry us wherever we go next.”
Marco Zappacosta, Founder and CEO
Evolving the experience

We worked on the product user flows for both customers and pros, collaborating with Thumbtack’s internal design team to bring to life a new experience called Instant Marketplace—a way for customers to get instant quotes for their projects, and for pros to automate their bidding process.

Making improvements

Thumbtack has created a thriving market for independent professionals and makes life meaningfully better for users. Working with them to carry the brand and the product forward was a perfect expression of our focus on aligning brand aspiration with their user experience.



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